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Poetry Unit 2010

July 20, 2010

This Spring, I wrote a entry about finishing the year  with beauty. At the end of a tough year, I threw away charts and completely demolished my room and rebuilt it. I rebuilt it for fun, beauty, creativity, and POETRY. A calendar day with Katherine Bomer and a read through Georgia Heard’s Awakening the Heart renewed me.

Here are some pictures from that unit.

Poetry Centers (Window to the World, Treasure Hunt for Poweful Language, and Illustration Center)

More Poetry Centers (Here, students are in the Word Scrambler center. After 1 group brainstormed words the second group's job was to create a meaningful poem. They wrote a poem that included a line that described night as blueberry blue. ) 🙂

Here, Kiara and Angie searched for powerful words, lines, or parts of books. Then,they created a book mark to hold onto the words. On the white board in the upper left corner of the photo, students wrote their favorite quotes from  friends and other authors in this unit.

I think when things get tough, or we loose our way (as I did), or we need a change, I think we need to default to what matters. Engagement- FUN, CREATIVITY, and HEART! If we are inspired, they are likely to be inspired.

P.S. If you haven’t read Awakening the Heart by Georgia Heard, please read it.  It will not only renew your heart and give you ideas for Poetry, but her strategies can work in ANY unit. Look for a future post on how I might use her “Doors of Poetry” as revision in any unit.

The covers of these poetry notebooks were inspired by territories of the heart from the lovely Georgia Heard.

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