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I Am From

September 12, 2010

Thank you to my beautiful colleague who reminded me today of one of my favorite writing activities: the I Am From poem.  I love that we don’t teach alone for this very reason! If it weren’t for her, the inside of our Writer’s Notebooks would be bare tomorrow…and worse, stories untold.

Here’s to sharing and remembering-

i am from. . .

i am from front porch swings in Georgia
watching the rain come down

i am from Grandma Shirley holding me tight
curling my hair into ringlets with her fingers (even though it curled on its own)

i am from “scrunching” with my mama and drawing pictures on her back
when i was too scared to sleep

i  am from chasing fireflies and picking blackberries
down long dirt roads

i am from loud kitchens full of stories and laughs
but a quiet  room of melodies and words on a page

i am from a divorced Christmas Day
with Spanish rice on one side
and turkey on the other
Loving, but exhausting

i am from music stands and metronomes
from dreams and dreams come true
i am from the corner of my favorite street with my favorite bakery
from a river that shares its sunsets and sailboats

from the hills of Carolina to the Upper West Side
i am from dreams still coming true

Piedmont, SC

My spot in Riverside Park (that I sometimes share with others)

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  1. September 13, 2010 9:14 pm

    Linds, this made me want to cry happy tears 🙂

  2. September 13, 2010 9:29 pm

    you can, my love.
    aw.. shoot, now you make ME want to cry “miss you” tears.
    i’d love to read your I Am From poem.. and i love even more that we would share a few stanzas.
    missing you and hoping COC is glorious. so proud of you.

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