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Memoir Begins!

October 13, 2010

Memoir Day 1:


Our brainstorm of Life Topics


After this, we took the Life topics (issues) that felt like ours and charted them along with people and moments associated with them… “because we usually care about an issue when we’ve had lots of experience with it.”


The next step: pick life topics that belong to you and find moments attached to them.



Then we chose one we could write fast and furiously about and began. This is the rough beginning of my chosen moment.


Other thoughts: As I make my way through this unit (as a teacher and a writer and an individual) I want so much to write both models for my kids and for myself. Oh, if only I had the discipline to do both. For now, I think they merge a bit. Perhaps when we pick our seed idea, I’ll draft one for them and one for me. The truth waiting to rise to the surface is great, I’m sure.

On another note, I had tear stains on the pages of my writer’s notebook within a 1/2 page of my first entry. Writing is one of those subjects that brings us together through truth and vulnerability, but… is this too much for 5th graders? My heart says no, but I’m a little worried. (I did revise my plans today for a few days of writing moments of joy and celebration. i.e. the moment you met your new best friend or accomplished something you’ve worked toward or the times you’ve laughed until your side hurt. That should give us balance, right?)  🙂

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  1. October 14, 2010 12:04 pm

    We began our mentor text immersion in memoir today – Mario Cuomo’s “The Blue Spruce” – the kids (as usual) had so much to share. Thanks for the photographs – it’s always nice to see how other teachers go about this.

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